PENOSIL Premium Sealing Tape External The "breathable", external, 3 adhesive strips, 100mm wide

Article: WTIH0020

Self-adhesive, waterproof, breathable tape for outdoor assembly and weather protection.
PENOSIL Premium Sealing Tape External - suture tape to protect window and door seams outside (from the street). The outer seam tape allows the steam to diffuse from the inside to the outside and protects the seam and building structure from getting wet.
Adhesive strips adhere well to all common building materials.
The material of the suture tape can be plastered and painted. Stretchable in width, resistant to movement of wall structures.

Spheres of application

It is used to protect window and door seams, as well as the building structure from getting wet from water vapor and moisture.

The surface must be dry and clean before use. Do not use anti-adhesive chemicals. Some varnishes can
release anti-adhesives that prevent the film from sticking. Roughness of the surface, as well as wrinkled or porous surfaces can impair adhesion.

Consignment: 1 pc (retail), 10 pc (wholesale), special price pallet
Meters in roll: 25

Price: 627,27 UAH
Price: 6 272,66 UAH
Price: 0 UAH

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