Exterior wall insulation foam

The main purpose of this modification is polyurethane foam - insulation of the exterior walls of buildings and structures for various purposes (from private houses to industrial facilities).

Why foam for insulation is preferable to other alternative materials.

- Environmentally friendly. It does not have a negative effect on the body unlike, for example, from polyfoam.
- Does not require special skills for building insulation.
- The ability to control the thickness of the coating.
- Excellent adhesion with brick, concrete, aerated concrete, wood, metal, etc.
- The cost per square meter of spraying is lower compared to the use of other alternative materials for wall insulation.
- There is no condensation on the surface, which prevents the formation of fungus, mold and other processes that destroy the building.

For long-term operation, UV protection is necessary.

Where to buy quality foam for insulating exterior walls

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Brand: PENOSILArticle: A4974
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