PENOSIL Polyurethane foam with innovative applicator NewGun Foam 750 ml All Season

Article: A3087
Consignment: 1 pc (retail), 12 pieces in a box (wholesale), special price pallet
Temperature of use: from -5 ° C to + 30 ° C
Application group: installation and sealing of windows and doors, fixing wall panels, insulation, tiles, filling openings and voids, sealing seams, heat and sound insulation
Product line: New Gun
Type of foam: All season
Volume, ml: 750
Output l: up to 65

Price: 177,01 UAH
Price: 2 017,79 UAH
Price: 0 UAH

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Polyurethane foam with high-quality structure and an innovative patented applicator that provides excellent results even without using a special gun. 1000 ml aerosol can, filling 750 ml, 12 cans in a box

■ Ease of use guaranteed as with the use of a gun, and with the use of the included applicator.
■ The unique patented applicator allows you to get quality pistol foam without using a gun.
■ The foam has a large output, a uniform jet ture.
■ homogeneous structure and low secondary expansion.
■ Using an applicator which is to regulate the pressure, which ensures the exact dosage and economical use of the foam.

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