PENOSIL Means to improve the adhesion of window tape Premium Prime&Fix 500 ml, milky

Article: H3724
  • The clutch surface layer is transparent and provides an instant and very strong primary grip.
  • All-purpose adhesive based on synthetic rubber
  • Sprayed from an aerosol can
  • Also used as a primer to improve adhesion when attaching steam and airtight tapes.



  • Sprayable all-purpose adhesive based on synthetic rubber is used to glue a wide variety of surfaces.
  • As Prime& amp;Fix contact adhesive, you can use it to fix porous and non-porous surfaces.
  • Sticks wood, plastic, metal, fabric, cardboard, paper well.
  • Applications for this glue & ndash; furniture industry, automotive business, packaging production, general construction.
  • Glue is not suitable for bonding PVC products or PVC coated materials.


  • Using a primer to glue vapor and airtight tapes will help achieve fast and reliable adhesion.
  • The priming of the base surface provides a durable and instant adhesion of adhesive strips to steam and airtight tapes with sporous and non-porous surfaces.
  • Primer coating may, first of all, be required on concrete surfaces, various masonry and wooden foundations.
  • The primer is suitable for use on various general construction surfaces: for example, concrete, aerated concrete, silicate, plaster, masonry, metal, wood, chipboard and glass.
  • The primer is not suitable for use on surfaces made of polystyrene (including EPS, XPS), bitumen and teflon.
Consignment: 1 pc (retail), 12 pieces in a box (wholesale), special price pallet
Volume, ml: 500
Colour: lactic

Price: 268,74 UAH
Price: 3 224,83 UAH
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