PENOSIL Hybrid Adhesive - Premium Seal&Fix 709 290 ml Sealant, White

Article: H3041


■ As an elastic adhesive, it is suitable for making joints and seals on surfaces that expand, contract or deform up to 20% of the initial size.
■ Sealing and sealing of compounds, including on surfaces where the use of acidic silicone or less elastic sealants is not possible.
■ For sealing and sound insulation in ventilation, sewage, automotive and audio equipment.
■ Internal and external works, works in dry and wet rooms.
■ All finishing, sealing and ventilation works, glazing.
■ Alignment and sealing of seams in floors and panels.
■ Used as a sealer in the seams, in need of subsequent painting

Consignment: 1 pc (retail), 12 pieces in a box (wholesale), special price pallet
Temperature of use: from +5 ° C to + 40 ° C
Volume, ml: 290
Colour: white

Price: 112,53 UAH
Price: 1 282,78 UAH
Price: 0 UAH

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Neutral adhesive and sealing mass based on hydro-polymers with stable elasticity, solidifying under the influence of air humidity. The excellent properties of the adhesive are combined with the best properties of the sealant.

■ Excellent adhesion to most building materials.
■ Suitable for use on alkaline, acidic and metallic surfaces.
■ Does not cause discoloration on marble and other natural stone surfaces.
■ Also suitable for uneven surfaces.
■ Does not lose elasticity, suitable for flexible materials and movable seam types.
■ Absorbs shock, noise and vibration.
■ Resistant to mold, UV, moisture and weathering.
■ Free of silicone, acids, isocyanates and solvents.

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