PENOSIL Hybrid Adhesive - Premium ClearFix 705 290 ml Sealant, Transparent

Article: H2941


■ Gluing glass, mirrors, decorative elements in places where glue can shine through.
■ Gluing and sealing works for which it is important to preserve the elasticity of the adhesive.
■ Gluing works, for which, in addition to strong adhesion, glue properties such as vibration and noise absorption are also necessary.
■ Bonding strips, mirrors, glass, ceiling and wall elements of the decor.
■ Fastening junction and other boxes for electrical work.

Consignment: 1 pc (retail), 12 pieces in a box (wholesale), special price pallet
Temperature of use: from +5 ° C to + 40 ° C
Volume, ml: 290
Colour: transparent

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Universal transparent glue-sealant based on hydro-polymers, suitable for bonding and sealing glass, mirrors and other transparent materials.

■ Suitable for use on most base surfaces, including on wet surfaces.
■ Suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor environments.
■ Does not cause corrosion of metals.
■ Very easy to work, after hardening does not lose elasticity.
■ Well absorbs vibration and noise.
■ Resistant to UV and weathering.
■ Does not shrink when hardened.
■ Does not contain harmful components.
■ Resistant to water and chemicals such as aliphatic solvents, mineral oils, fats, diluted inorganic acids and alkalis.
■ Moderately resistant to chemicals such as aromatic solvents and concentrated acids.

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