PENOSIL Waterproofing mastic for indoor and outdoor use Premium AquaBrake 3 l

Article: Y0009

Spheres of application

Waterproofing surfaces for tiles on terraces, balconies and stairs.
Waterproofing tile surfaces in bathrooms, shower rooms, saunas and other sanitary rooms to protect floor and wall structures from the harmful effects of water.
Works on repairing roofing material, waterproofing joints.

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Elastic waterproof mastic for waterproofing floor and wall surfaces before laying tiles in indoor and outdoor conditions. After drying, it forms an elastic, water-resistant protective layer, on which a tile covering can be laid using a tile mix. In the corners of the room, as well as near the ladders and other passages, it is recommended to reinforce the coating by installing special reinforcing tapes and cuffs or PENOSIL Premium AquaBrake Fabric reinforcing fabric in the liquid mastic layer. It is required to put in two layers, the second layer is perpendicular to the first.

Water-based, does not emit odor and harmful compounds.
It adheres to all concrete, brick and plaster surfaces, as well as plaster and other suitable building boards and plywood.
Allows you to isolate, including such complex structural elements such as corners and aisles.
After hardening, it becomes waterproof, protects the structure from the harmful effects of water.
It is easy and environmentally friendly to apply directly from a plastic container using a paint roller or brush.

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