Waterproof sealant PENOSIL Premium All Weather Sealant 310 ml, transparent

Article: H2143
Consignment: 1 pc (retail), 12 pieces in a box (wholesale), special price pallet
Temperature of use: from -5 ° C to + 40 ° C
Volume, ml: 310
Colour: transparent
Application area: filling joints between window frames and walls, filling the joints between the panels and the hole, general construction and repair work, internal and external work, finishing, sealing work, roofing and facade work, sealing of window and door frames

Price: 123,12 UAH
Price: 1 477,44 UAH
Price: 0 UAH

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Solvent-containing water-repellent and mildew-resistant sealant based on synthetic rubber, which adheres well to almost all materials. It allows even in rainy weather to quickly close up cracks and crevices in wet and slippery, as well as slightly oily non-porous surfaces.

■ For universal use in both indoor and outdoor environments.
■ Highly elastic.
■ Suitable for staining.
■ Resistant to mold, UV and weather.
■ Does not contain silicone (based on synthetic rubber).
■ Can be processed even after hardening.
■ Thixotropic.
■ Transparent and invisible.
■ Can be used on copper surfaces and in contact with bitumen.
■ Adheres well to most materials, such as brick, concrete, mortar, wood, metal, glass and many plastics.
■ Adheres to wet, slightly oily surfaces, but porous surfaces must be dry to obtain better adhesion.
■ Long shelf life.

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