PENOSIL Premium BathCoating 760ml, to restore the bath

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PENOSIL Premium Bath Coating is a water-based epoxy paint.
During installation, it is odorless, hygienic, after drying contact with food is allowed.

Spheres of application

It is used for the restoration of cast iron baths. Not suitable for tin and plastic tubs.

Terms of use

Application temperature +10 ° C ... + 30 ° C.
The application time of the paint after mixing the activator and the base substance at a temperature of +20 ° C is about 1 hour.
Hygienic, after drying allowed contact with food.
The use of paints containing potent dyes (hair dyes or for yarns) can lead to a change in the permanent layer of enamel in the epoxy-coated bath.
The bath is ready for operation after 7 days (drying temperature from +20 ° C, humidity up to 80%). If you use the bath earlier, it can lead to a change in the permanent layer of enamel.
Before first use, wash the surface of the bath with soap and water.

Consignment: 1 pc (retail), 5 pc (wholesale)
Volume, ml: 760
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